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Character Dialogue
Doc ... That's why you've got to help me keep a lookout, Sneezy! If we want to protect the Princess, why... it's all decks on hand!
Sneezy Gosh... Well, anything to protect the Princess, but... I'm less of an "eyes" kind of dwarf than a... a... AAAACHOOOOO!
Sneezy *sniff* ... Than... uh... the "nose" kind.
Doc Hmm... Good sneeze, Pointy. I guess you can't keep much of a lookout if all your attention's on your hay fever.
Doc Well, in that case... Why don'tcha look for someone who's a looker better... uh, I mean, a better looker-outer than you are!

A Nose for Trouble[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sneezy to keep a lookout for help.
"Keep a Lookout"
4h Maleficent Coins400 [1], Magic10 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Sneezy Awww, horsefeathers... *sniff* ... It sure is hard to keep a good lookout when your eyes keep waterin'...
Sneezy I can't help it if hay fever season's all year 'round for me! Sometimes it gets so I can't even tell what I'm seein'!
Sneezy Like that feller over there... *sniff* ... Why, he almost looks like the... the... aaaaAAAAA--
Sneezy (Snrk!) Well, will ya look at that... It IS! I gotta tell the Princess!
Sneezy I know I had to sneeze real bad... but some news is worth holdin' your nose for!