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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Minnie, there you are! I was wonderin' if you'd like to do another music show together. The guests sure liked our last one.
Minnie Mouse Oh, I'd love to, Mickey! But I don't have my ukulele.
Mickey Mouse That's okay. I was thinkin' this time we could sing!

A Night Out[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 9
Send Minnie to sing with Mickey.
"Musical Duet"
2h Experience25, Magic150
Minnie Mouse
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse, you sounded wonderful!
Mickey Mouse Gee, thanks. You sounded real pretty yourself.
Mickey Mouse And the guests seemed to enjoy it. You know, maybe we should make this a regular show!
Minnie Mouse Yeah! The Mickey and Minnie Vocal Harmony Ukulele Trumpet Show!
Mickey Mouse Or the MINNIE and Mickey Vocal Harmony Ukulele Trumpet Show. Hee-hee!