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Character Dialogue
Hans Well, well, well... Look who's decided to come back and fix her reputation. Or TRY to, anyway.
Elsa Hans!!! You--
Hans I wouldn't do anything if I were you. I'm here on official business... and I'd LOVE to see you try and prove different.
Hans The people may be on your side now, "Queen Elsa"... but this storm is all your fault. You just don't know it yet.
Elsa "All my fault"... This storm is "all my fault"...
Anna Elsa... You can't let Hans make you doubt yourself like that! If he can get YOU to lose hope, then--
Elsa No, no... it's not that. It's the way he said it... like he KNEW this storm is tied to my magic somehow. Even if I'm not to blame.
Elsa And if that's true... and you, Kristoff and I all work together... maybe we can find out what the link is!

A New Lead[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Elsa to experiment with her magic.
"Experiment with Magic"
6h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Level 6
Send Anna to search for information.[1]
"Search for Magical Energy"
Level 4
Send Kristoff to seek advice at the Troll Knoll.[2]
"Ask the Trolls"
Character Dialogue
Elsa Hmm... I keep getting that feeling of resistance whenever I try to shape the storm, but I'm still not sure what's CAUSING it.
Anna Kristoff and I didn't do much better... Even the trolls were stumped! I'm sorry, Elsa...
Elsa It's all right, Anna. I'm not giving up! We'll just have to do a little more research...
Anna ... And I know exactly where to start.