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Character Dialogue
Pete Hey, ya little pipsqueak! I told you I liked this place WITHOUT the cheery stuff! Get that eyesore outta here.
Mickey Mouse No way, Pete! We gotta work together to bring happiness back to the Kingdom.
Pete Yeah, well I'm only interested in MY happiness. So, get rid of it, or else!
Character Dialogue
Goofy Hmm... I gotta find a way to help Mickey out. I know... I'll grab my trusty hammer and make stuff.
Goofy After all, the Kingdom doesn't have an official handyman.

A Handy Man[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Goofy to try fixing up the Fun Wheel.[1]
"Fix up the Fun Wheel"
6s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Goofy So, what do ya say, Mick? Do I get the job? Am I the official Kingdom Handyman?
Mickey Mouse Gosh Goof, we've never had an official handyman before.
Goofy Oh, well... That's all r--
Mickey Mouse Until now! Congratulations, pal!
Goofy Gawrsh, now that it's official, I think I'll build a place to store my sandwiches!