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Character Dialogue
Buzz Lightyear During a crisis, a Space Ranger toy never shirks his duty. There's no time for rest when any child's happiness is at risk.
Buzz Lightyear Woody and Jessie think they can indulge in playtime and take naps. I just don't understand it.

A Day on the Job[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Buzz Lightyear
Level 1
Send Buzz to scan the area.
"Scan Area with Laser"
30s Experience15, Magic100
Ask Buzz to do surveillance at Astro Orbiters.[1]
"Stake Out Astro Obriters"
Ask Buzz to make a report.
"Report to Star Command"
  1. Requires Astro Orbiters
Character Dialogue
Woody Take a break, Buzz. If you keep going like this, you'll be no good to anyone.
Buzz Lightyear No, Woody! There's danger out there! You may not care, but I do.
Buzz Lightyear I shouldn't have yelled at Woody. I know he cares as much as I do. Maybe I am tired.