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Character Dialogue
Giulia ... And that's when I realized I had to change it up! As you know, my usual training style takes an assertive approach.
Luca ... Yeah. I remember. N-not that that was a bad thing, though! I NEVER would've won without you pushing me to believe in myself.
Giulia Exactly! It worked well, for YOU -- but Alberto's totally different! Super independent, and lousy at taking directions.
Giulia Which means, he's the kind of person who'll be great at figuring out his OWN way to train... which is what I sent him off to do!
Giulia And that leaves us with a very important job of our own...

A Change in Tactics

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Giulia and Luca to scope out the competition.
"Scope Out the Competition"
4h Experience5, Portorosso Cup Posters50
Level 4
Level 3
Send Alberto to train his way, at his Hideout.[1]
"Train at the Hideout"
Character Dialogue
Alberto ... HA! Finally! Down the tower steps, down the hill, through the trees, off the ramp, onto the rocks, and off the OTHER ramp...
Alberto ... And I only crashed ONCE! Right at the end in the bay, where I was SUPPOSED to!
Alberto Giulia was right... The Alberto Scorfano Awesome Bike Race Training Program for Winners is maybe the best idea I ever had.
Luca I haven't told her the name yet, but I'm pretty sure she'll be a fan.