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Character Dialogue
Mowgli Being a man-cub's all right I guess, but I like being other animals, too!
Mowgli I always like being a wolf, and being a bear with Baloo is lots of fun, too!
Mowgli But someday, I wanna be a bird, like an egret or a jay. I think it'd be real swell to fly!
Mowgli Maybe if I climb up really, really high, it'll SORT of be like flying...

A Change in Altitude[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mowgli to get up as high as he can.
"Reach New Heights"
4h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Mowgli Uh... I don't think I want to be a bird anymore.
Mowgli Being up that high made my head feel funny, and my stomach, too.
Mowgli I bet it would be LOTS of fun to be a crocodile, though!