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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth I've drawn up the schedule, laid out a comprehensive budget... I believe all that's left is to prepare the ball itself!
Cogsworth And I'm no stranger to the particulars of event planning, I'll have you know. Why, when the Master was young...
Cogsworth I once directed TWENTY under-footmen as they re-polished the ballroom floor mid-soiree -- and DURING the appetizer course!
Cogsworth ... Yes, well, it's quite an impressive feat in majordomo circles, at any rate. Now if you'll excuse me...

A Butler's Ball[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Cogsworth to organize the ball at the Castle.[1]
"Organize the Ball"
8h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
  1. Requires Beast's Castle
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Ahh... do you hear that?
Cogsworth If you can't, it's because that's the sound of fifty dedicated servants decorating a festive cribbage nook... QUIETLY.
Cogsworth There certainly are advantages to not having Lumière underfoot...