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Character Dialogue
Olaf Hmm... I may not have been able to EAT that fruitcake... but I saw a lot of people smiling at me when I TRIED to eat it!
Olaf That must mean they like winter better already!
Olaf So... if I found ANOTHER winter food... and didn't eat that, EITHER... then...
Olaf Wow. I think I just got an idea!

A Big Improve-Mint[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Olaf to try on a candy cane nose.[1]
"Try a Candy Cane Nose"
4h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires Olaf/Holiday
Character Dialogue
Olaf Oh, wow. I KNOW I made everybody laugh THAT time! And I smelled all minty, too!
Olaf Winter SHOULD be full of laughter, you know! And if I can help everyone see that, well... I'll be one happy snowman!
Olaf So long as Sven doesn't try to eat this nose, too. I like his breath just the way it is!