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Character Dialogue
Nick Wilde Aah, for the love of-- Not again! Fifth time this week...
Nick Wilde Lemme fill you in: The Z.P.D.'s got this online complaint form, right? A cop gives you too hard of a time, you write in.
Nick Wilde Now, I'VE got a stellar record, of course -- 'til recently. Thirty-seven messages asking why I stopped selling Pawpsicles.
Nick Wilde I mean, I'm flattered! But that's LITERALLY not my job anymore. Still... I've gotta keep my rating above water somehow...

A "Little" Moonlighting[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Nick Wilde
Level 9
Send Nick to sell Pawpsicles in Little Rodentia.[1]
"A Little Moonlighting"
12h Experience25, Magic150
  1. Requires Little Rodentia
Character Dialogue
Nick Wilde ... Well, THAT explains a lot.
Nick Wilde Good news: Besides making a cool $168 -- after taxes, of course -- I figured out who was sending in all those complaints.
Nick Wilde Turns out, the executives at Lemming Bros. get PRETTY testy without their afternoon sugar fix.
Nick Wilde Should've figured it out earlier, really -- all the complaint emails were word-for-word identical.