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Character Dialogue
Hiro Yeah! It's "Big Hero 6," not "Big Hero Just Me"! I should've contacted everyone else AGES ago...
Hiro Agh -- but they're all doing that dumb phone cleanse this week! WHY DOES WASABI HAVE TO BE SO INTO MINDFULNESS?!
Hiro And Baymax's scanner isn't an option, either... *sigh* ... Looks like I'm gonna have to do this the analog way.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Hiro to figure out where his friends are.
"Locate His Friends"
2h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Character Dialogue
Hiro ... Okay. Nobody's seem them on campus, it's too far to get to their apartments...
Hiro ...and they don't have land lines, because of COURSE they don't. I checked the white pages! Also: San Fransokyo HAS WHITE PAGES!
Hiro Gah... I'm so stressed out, I'm practically vibrating! No -- wait; that's just my phone.
Hiro Wait... my phone!
Hiro Someone's texting me!!!