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Character Dialogue
Hiro I can't believe SFIT's making me do homework already... even though I'm not even GOING there yet!
Hiro But yeah: There's this big open-ended engineering challenge that I was supposed to do as a prerequisite over the summer.
Hiro D'you know how hard it is to come up with an original project idea when you're trying to catch a killer in kabuki mask?!
Hiro Spoiler alert: It's hard! *sigh* ... If I get kicked out of school because of inventor's block, I'm totally blaming Yokai...

99% Perspiration[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Hiro to brainstorm ideas for his project.
"Brainstorm Ideas"
2h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Character Dialogue
Hiro Come on... Come on... What did Tadashi always say? "Look for a new angle..."
Hiro ... GOT IT! Krei Tech!!!
Hiro Oh... heh... I'm not talking about their products. Most of their stuff's either buggy, stolen, or has a $500 proprietary charger.
Hiro That new boba place over by the Krei Tech campus, though? THAT'S inspiring.
Hiro Alistair Krei may be a grade-A jerkwad, but his neighbors make a REALLY good taro milk tea.