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1st Year Anniversary Celebration
1st Year Anniversary Celebration
11th March 2017 - 31st March 2017

The 17th March marks Disney Magic Kingdoms 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, we're kicking off with various events:

  • 1st Anniversary Gifting: Login everyday between 11th - 17th March to receive a special gift from us, including the exclusive Enchanted Tiki Room, for free! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this newest attraction.
  • Loyalty Gifting: If you played DMK for 50 hours or more, OR installed the game anytime in March 2016, you will receive a free DMK 1st-Anniversary Hat Stand for being a loyal player! Login anytime between 18th - 26th March to claim yours.
  • Mickey Costume Contest: Want to win Mickey's new Tuxedo Mickey costume? This will be your chance! The contest opens on 24th March, so make sure to check back with us here on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Day Rewards
Day 1 (11th March) Magic3,170
Day 2 (12th March) 3 Silver Chests
Day 3 (13th March) Happiness 100
Day 4 (14th March) 2 Gold Chests
Day 5 (15th March) Gems5
Day 6 (16th March) 1 Platinum Chest
Day 7 (17th March) Enchanted Tiki Room
Day 8 (18th - 26th March) DMK 1st-Anniversary Hat Stand
Day 9 (24th - 31st March) Mickey Costume Contest