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Surprise Update
Surprise Update

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Surprise Update

A Surprise Update was released on 1st April 2017 to coincide with April Fools Day.

New Content

No new characters has been added this patch, but lots of fun and festive additions have joined Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Game Balances & Changes

  • Character Activities:
    • Goofy:
      • Use "Run in Panic" activity to activate his slow-motion animation that lasts for 24 hours instead of 60 seconds
    • Boo:
      • Boo's Mustache has returned. Tap on Boo to zoom into her face
    • Aurora:
      • Use "Go on a Flight of Fancy" activity to see her dress change color to blue
      • Use "Investigate Singing" activity to see her dress change back to pink
    • Mike Wazowski:
      • Use “Holiday Comedy” and hear him tell a funny joke
    • Buzz Lightyear:
      • Follow Buzz Lightyear around for 2 minutes to see him stare back at you

We hope you enjoyed our update! ;) Which change is your favorite? Leave a comment below!