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Hotfix Update
Hotfix Update
"Goofy the Brave", "Put an End to This", & Daily Reward Issues – Fixed!
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Hotfix Update

If you were one of the players who were stuck at “Goofy the Brave” (aka Defeating Pete) Quest and “Put an End to This” (aka Defeating Zurg), this update is for you. If you’ve completed 5/5 or 4/5 requirements of the Quest, you will automatically be shown the cut scene with Pete once you login.

Also, if you haven’t been receiving the Daily Rewards, you will now be able to get them! Although there isn’t a way for us to compensate each individual player for the Daily Rewards you missed out on, the Daily Rewards will now continue again from whenever you stopped receiving them – meaning you won’t miss out on any of the goodies. For example, if you stopped receiving the rewards since Day 3, the Daily Rewards will resume from Day 3.

As a quick note, you may see the Daily Rewards message pop up behind another UI like the Parades or the Welcoming Characters sections. To fix it, completely close and re-open the game, which should correct itself when you log back in. 

Thank you all for being patient and understanding while we worked on the fix. Now go enjoy the cut scene with Pete or Zurg and the Daily Rewards!

Game Balances & Changes

Attractions & Floats:

The following attractions have been unlocked at the beginning of the game, and we’ve removed all Story Quest / Character requirements:

And check out these sweet floats that you can now unlock after completing the Parade Tutorial without any Story Quest / Character requirements:

We also increased the chances of tokens dropped during Parades.  

Rebalancing Jessie, Bo Peep, and Sarge

To help alleviate some of the difficulties that you may run into while Welcoming /Leveling Jessie, Bo Peep, and Sarge, we've made some changes to the characters' activities and Token rates:

  •  Decreased the level requirements on Mickey and Goofy's "Jamboree" task, from Level 3 to Level 1 Yes
  •  Increased activities that drop Jessie, Bo Peep, and Sarge's Tokens Yes
  • Updated Jessie / Bo Peep / Sarge's later level recipes to align with the increasing amount of activities that drop their Tokens Yes

Reducing Activity Durations

After listening to the community feedback, we wanted to re-balance some of the activities by reducing their duration. Enjoy the following quests with shorter times:

Other Balance Changes & Improvements:

Bug Fixes