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Character Dialogue
Sebastian I am not sure that the Sea King has his heart in it... but Ariel is still right. We must keep rehearsing!
Sebastian This will be the last time we practice before the concert... Ariel tells me that the humans call it a "blouse rehearsal."
Sebastian ...or some nonsense like that, anyway. Whatever ridiculous kind of thing a blouse is, we do not have it under the sea!

"Skirt Rehearsal," Maybe?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Dinglehopper Token Finish collecting dinglehoppers.
Instant Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
Character Dialogue
Sebastian Excellent... Excellent! What a performance this will be... We're gonna knock that audience right on their tail fins -- I know it!
Sebastian Just one tiny thing, Your Majesty: If you could use violet lights instead of red during the finale, that would be--
Sebastian ... Your Majesty?
Sebastian Where did he go!?