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Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo (Let's see... No one around... Free moment in the schedule... Perfect time for--)
Chief Bogo ... AHEM. Didn't see you there. As I was saying: a perfect time to check number of critical work-related emails.
Chief Bogo Routine police business, I'm afraid. Not much to look at. I'd busy yourself elsewhere, if I were you.

"Routine Police Business"[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chief Bogo
Level 1
Send Bogo to "check his work emails."
"Official Police Business"
6h Experience25, Magic150
Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo ("Doot doot doot doot DOOOO... Try everythiiiing!")
Chief Bogo ... AHEM. As I was saying: I should tell Higgins and Snarlov to TRY EVERYTHING to get a witness statement in the Minkstein case.
Chief Bogo ... Via email. Important work-related email. That I was checking just now.
Chief Bogo ... You didn't hear anything, did you?